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About Us

KCPL is a young and dynamic team that strives-relentlessly to deliver the best solar panel installation across Gujarat. We are based in Vadodara.

Ours is a team of experienced electrical and mechanical engineers with a passion to balance mankind’s demand for energy with our responsibility to safeguard (protect) the environment.

We strive to work with nature, rather than against it, by harnessing (tapping into) its unlimited potential of clean, bright, and radiant energy source – the almighty Sun.


Solar has suffered and continues to be stricken by several misconceived notions, and that we perceive that the method of going star may appear overwhelming. Education and management are at the core of our approach.Within our method, we tend to meet with our purchasers to assist them outline their goals, measure their choices, and create wise and assured choices. we tend to look out for the whole method, from design to engineering, permitting, installation and observance, in order that going star could be a seamless and hassle-free method.


Quality .Efficiency .Effectiveness . Quality means doing it right when no one is looking. Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things. For KCPL, monitoring and analyzing of system performance after Commissioning to ensure quality is not an optional service. It is our approach to (definition of) high Quality Service!.Just as the Sun never compromises on its radiation,KCPL never compromises on its Quality.

Product Description

These panels absorb solar energy and convert it into electrical energy. Solar panels are durable; most come with 20-25 years’ warranties, and once purchased, they continue to produce electrical power for many years with little or no maintenance. A very useful characteristic of solar power generation is that it can be installed on any scale, from a single solar-powered garden light to an array of many kilowatts. After installing a solar electric system, most of our customers substantially reduce their yearly electric bill, both through the installation of solar panel (PV) technology and by learning how to use less electricity without making do with fewer amenities.

We have constantly been endeavoring to provide this infrastructure to all possible outlets at the earliest, to share the responsibility of clean and sustainable energy. Our governments have been into the swing of things as they help reduce dependence on existing infrastructure, reduce emissions, and reduce your financial investment as an incentive to use alternative energy. We are specialized to deal with solar panel installations.

Grid-Tie Systems

Grid-Tie Systems are solar panel (PV) systems that only generate power when the utility power grid is available. They must connect to the grid to function. They can send excess power generated back to the grid when you are overproducing so you credit it for later use.

Earn and Save more money with net metering: A grid-connection will allow you to save more money with solar panels through better efficiency rates, net metering, plus lower equipment and installation costs. The utility grid is a virtual battery: Electricity has to be spent in real-time. However, it can temporarily store as other forms of energy.

The electric power grid is also a battery without the need for maintenance or replacements and much better efficiency rates. Simple and Cost-Effective: It doesn’t involve much complication and hence easy install and maintain. These systems will pay for themselves by offsetting utility bills in 3-8 years.

If you want to reduce your electric bill and your carbon footprint, this is a good choice. Additional perks of being grid-tied include access to backup power from the utility grid (if your solar system stops generating electricity for one reason or another). At the same time, you help to mitigate the utility company’s peak load. As a result, the efficiency of our electrical system as a whole goes up.


Standard grid-tied solar systems rely on the following components.

  • Grid-Tie Inverter (GTI) or Micro-Inverters
  • Power Meter

Less expensive than off-grid solar systems: You don’t need a backup generator and can downsize your battery bank’s capacity. Smart solar holds a lot of promise: The concept will become increasingly important as we transition towards the smart grid in the coming years.
Best described as “Off-grid system with grid backup “or grid-tied system with battery storage.



  • For a large shadow-free area on terrace and you do experience many power outages.
  • In states that offers and supports net-metering policy.
  • Any commercial establishment who want to keep power bill at low.
  • School, college or any business whose operating hours are during the daytime.

Quality delivery
Professional approach
Excellence at par

Most customers would go for a roof-mounted solar power system to take full advantage of the sun. We would aim to install the modules at an angle that ensures that modules are positioned to get the most benefited and good efficiency.


  • A wide variety of modules in 260 to 320 Watt peak sizes
  • Internationally recognized inverters
  • Unirac solar panel rails, panel clamps, and roof attachment hardware
  • DC combiner box and fuses (optional)
  • MC array cables and grounding lugs
  • AC disconnect box (optional)
  • System installation checklist and wiring layout
  • 10-year warranty for workmanship
  • 25-year warranties on the modules
  • 10-year warranties on the inverters
  • Assistance from solar grid experts

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