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KCPL is a young and dynamic team that strives relentlessly to deliver the best rooftop solar installation in Vadodara .

We are a team of experienced electrical and mechanical engineers with a passion to balance client’s demand. For energy with our responsibility to safeguard (protect) the environment.

Best Rooftop Solar Installation in Vadodara

Customer Commitment

When We Make Promise, We Mean It. We Believe In Delivering The Promise At Any Vital Point Of Time. We Aim To Provide Quality Services In Reliable Manner.


We Respect People And Their Work In Their Lives. We Ensure Our Clients That They Will Be Provided The Best And Pragmatic Man Power.

Quality Delievery

We Believe In On Time Delivery With Accuracy And Greatest Consistency. We Are Promised To Provide Service And Advice On Conceptual Excellence With Proper Research.


Developing Mutual Trust with Our Clients and Work as Their True Progress Partner.
KCPL Is The Leader In Innovative Workforce Solutions, Connecting Human Potential To The Power Of Business. We Serve Both Large And Small Scale Organizations Across All Industry Sectors.

Produce Your Own Clean Energy to Save the Environment

Solar energy is a great alternative for anyone who values independence and efficiency. Start using flexible, lightweight solar now.



Working on Rooftop Solar Program is a major forte of KCPL Solar India.

Ground Mounted

KCPL Solar Ground Mounted Solar Projects.

Ongoing/ Upcoming

Solar projects by KCPL Solar India which are in an ongoing or an upcoming stages are


High quality TATA STEEL with HOT DIP galvanised of 80-100 micron thickness which gives you long life when exposed to open atmosphere


European Quality DC CONNECTORS

Who we are


Become Progress Partner of Our Clients in True Manner.


Our mission is to supply our customers with top quality, code-compliant roof top mounting solutions and industry-leading coaching and support.


We Believe In Below Demonstrated Values For What We Do And How We Do

Our Motto

Our business of generation, purchasing, producing, manufacturing, importing, exporting, installing, selling and trading in power products and services in Gujarat, India.

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Produce Your Own Clean Energy

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